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TF Global LLC is the newest blogsite dedicated to providing you with brand new songs and mixtapes from some of the hottest artists in the South.  All music provided on this site is provided directly by the artist or was received from their promotional teams.  Be sure to support your favorite artists by attending concerts, buying merchandise, and most importantly buying their albums. If you are looking to download retail albums then you are at the wrong spot and you need to move around because you won’t find them here.

Any artists interested in having their music placed on ThaFixx can email me directly at

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23 Responses to "About"

  1. ThaFixx Is da best way for me to get new Texas music, also ya boyz are good cause yall posting upcoming artists music, showin big respect to yall out here in Russia. Awready!


  3. Hey man! Luv this site! The Best And Newest Shit Downsouth Right Here! I Got A Request maan. That Boy Question Outta S.A And His Debut Album “I Am Question” sold over 15K. Nobody Got That CD And It Cant Be Purchased Anywhere. That CD Need To Be Spread For All The Fans.He Used To Have A Link For It On The Myspace But Link Is Down. Wonder If You Can Get At Him About It!

  4. Fixx Lil Ray Mixtape n @ a zippfile $ betta download

  5. lovin dis shit but were da NiccT at royalT365 youtube dat shit yall slackin much love

  6. Hey….Can you Upload “Xanax 3” by Question again? Says files not available. Thanks


  8. i jus sent u 2 songs….fuck wit me….preicate it in advance

  9. check out my new single sumthin u neva had!!!

  10. Just submitted for a writing review. R-tistic has 6,000 true fans and growing, he has just moved to Austin and already draws 100 people to a show! Check him out


  11. Greetings. I have been followin gyour site for sometime now and I see that you guys from time to time promote shows. Well 1) I have a show in Houston ” Houston’s 3rd Annual Bully Dog and Custom Car Show EXPO” and we also have a couple of original songs from Killa Kyleon and Videos to priomote. WE would like to know how do we go about submitting our songs videos and flyers to you. Thank you…

    Event Coordinator

  12. say my G wat i.gotta do for you to jam some real essays on da mic some real G shit let me knw da wolfpack got some bangeas

    Rap Extortion – YungDon ft. NoliaBoi,Gutta [Offic…:

    Check em out i promise nxt big thing out da H fwm

    Tryna give you exclusive

  13. Just trying to put something in ya’ll ears

  14. To whom it concern what are the steps to get a video submitted to this site blog

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  16. Hey Whts up,i was needing to know how to get advertisement in your magazine, how much & how soon!

  17. Checkout,”Tha Reluctant Rok Stedii @reverbnation & @ soundcloud

  18. Rocky, email me at or leave your email in a comment here

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