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Ahead Of Class – Vantage Point 86 (EP)

Posted on January 19th, 2012 by B. Hobbs

This is the first project I’ve heard from Houston group AOC (Ahead Of Class) but Im really feelin it. They have an original sound and got some great production to go with it.


10 Responses to "Ahead Of Class – Vantage Point 86 (EP)"

  1. Mayne hold up, this some different shit some texas boys. The Enlighened is my favorite track

  2. Yea IDK who these boys are but they did they thang on this right here. Interested to see what they follow up with

  3. #AheadOfClass

  4. These niggas is hard af…. can we get more post from these boys on here????? IJS

  5. AheadOfClass with yo fat feet ass hoe!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. GOD BLESS THE FRESH AoC Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. This was an unexpected surprise from these boys go

  8. Lifestyles goes in, the pretty bitches love it when we bumpin it in my whip. Fuck the nice guys and anybody who ain’t wit it. Ahead Of Class is my shit, all them otha hoes can suck a dick beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiittcchhhh RIP Fat Pat muh fucka… Sip slow and lean low hoe.

  9. Lol at this nigga above me. It’s true Wut u speaking tho

  10. Yea this shit was crafted well. I pour up and ride to lifestyles of born again sinners. Fresh new music out of Houston

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