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Bugsy – City Lights Mixtape + New Bugsy Blog

Posted on December 31st, 2010 by B. Hobbs

Team Hometown Presents the new mixtape from Bugsy “City Lights” and after you download the new mixtape check out the 2nd “Bugsy Blog” on ThaFixx.


In 2010, we lost alot of greats. Lena Horne, Teddy Pendegrass, Gary Coleman, and many more. For the nation, these were
terrible losses that surely wont be overcome no time soon. As a nation, we’ve watched so many great ones take the stairway
to Heaven. As an American, i mourned just like you…But as a San Antonian, I watched something unbelievable happen.
Something that locals of the City never thought would happen. Something that we San Antonians have been waiting on for
years & years, finally happen, in 2010.

The City of San Antonio, finally had a record and a artist, to be proud of. No shots at anything that came before me, but with the
success of the “Hometown” Music Video, I seen a city become engulfed in happiness and pride, at the fact someone from their
city was being recognized on a much bigger scale than what we were used to. It was amazing! Truly amazing!
Finally, San Antonio was being recognized in a respectful manner, when it came to music hailing from our area.
Everytime music that hailed from San Antonio gained some steam, and looked as if it would launch into National orbit, it seemed
like the “Music Gods” just shot us down with the golden arrow.
As a pioneer of the San Antonio music-scene, that alone bothered me…until i found-out why.

I remember a conversation i had with a Hip-Hop legend, and him telling me, it doesnt matter how much steam/buzz an artist has,
if he/she lacks quality, it will eventually fail. I can remember thinking in-depth about what he had just told me, and it became clear,
that artists from San Antonio would first have to study their craft, and gain some-type of quality to the music that they were delivering.
I’ve traveled all across this country, and its unfortunate that people dont respect Texas artists, for the art. And to be honest, how can
you blame people for not accepting “artists” that lack artistic value. You cant.

When the oppurtunnity arose for us to make a visual for this powerful record, we (my team) all agreed that the typical “look” of todays
music videos, would not be the “look” for what we were about to do. We knew that we had to make the most of the oppurtunnity, for
the simple fact that nobody from my city had ever did anything of this magnitude. That pressure of being the first to visually represent
San Antonio, is what drove us to create the artistic music video you see today. Never have i questioned God’s plan, and a year later,
I’m still amazed at what we did. But honestly, I’m even more amazed and proud of the way the video/song has been embraced.
All Glory To God!

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