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Bugsy – Highway Music (Performance Video, MP3, & Blog Post)

Posted on November 4th, 2010 by B. Hobbs

This is the debut of Bugsy’s first blog post on He’s written blogs on AllHipHop as well as and now he’s officially part of fam.


They say nothing can stop a freight train…Well, musically, that was
where i envisioned myself when i recorded “Highway Music.” On a
freight train, lyrically.
There’s no other way to put-it. Besides the fact that “Bugsy” is born
and raised in San Antonio, Texas, where the Riverwalk and The Alamo
seem to be our only noticeable slice of identity.
I can honestly say Hip-Hop is the sole reason for “Bugsy” being alive.
So in return, everyday above ground for Bugsy, is a day dedicated to
uplifting the values of Hip-Hop.
As a kid, records like “Highway Music” flooded my music collection,
and specialized in being the grassroots of my now “emcee” mentality.
Wu-Tang, Keith Murray, Kurupt, Canibus, etc… These were rappers who
could blackout on a track and spit 80 bars, no hook, and make it seem
so easy. I remember my first time hearing Wu-Tangs “Triumph.” At that
time, i can remember thinking to myself, “they killing this shit!!
this isnt fair!” What rapper was going to impress you (lyrically)
after you’ve just listened to those guys assasinate that beat.

So with that in-mind, everytime there’s an oppurtunnity for me to
showcase my “emceeness” and blackout…believe me, I’m going-in. With
a stetiscope.
Everyone tells me this is one their favorite records. Shouts to my lil
bro J-Money who produced the record. He brought me a beat cd with like
20 joints, and i just vibed out.
Legend has it, “Bugsy” is really private when it comes to recording
sessions. (Damn right i am!) I never let people sit-in on my sessions,
or have chics just hanging-out in the studio.
But i do remember letting a few friends hear the record at the studio,
just to get some views. Everyone said it was “Highway Music”…this
was before there was an intro/title to the song.
I even remember the night we recorded this record, my engineer Big
Bubb (who also happens to have known me over 10 years) looked at me
and said, “whats wrong, you aint singing today!?”
He was so used to me giving people the “melodic bugsy” with the
harmonies and big hooks, but that day, i just wanted to spit some
bars. So i did. Awhrite!

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