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NeKo – Goodnight Gotham (Video)

Posted on August 2nd, 2016 by B. Hobbs

New animated visual from NeKo for his Trakksounds produced “Goodnight Gotham”

NeKo – Greatest Story Never Told (Video)

Posted on May 3rd, 2016 by B. Hobbs

New visual from Houston artist NeKo’s upcoming LP “TEAR$” produced by Trakksounds

H-Town up and comer NeKo hooks up with the legendary Scarface and J Dawg for his latest release produced by his go-to producers Trakksounds and Albie Dickson

 photo 100degrees_zpsz8juwvig.jpg

NeKo – Tears Of July (Album)

Posted on September 6th, 2014 by B. Hobbs

“In the midst of sunny anthems & beach parties, NeKo decides to shed light on the poetic realities of summer with his new summer themed album. Between odes to burnt out summer flings & heartfelt ballads to the moon, this project will definitely keep you enticed. TOJ is an eclectic album that shows incredible range and growth for NeKo, featuring talents such as rockband, Handsome Beast, Nadia, and a few newcomers (Angelo, Ced G) as well, and production from some of the hottest producers in Houston (@Trakksounds, @AlbieDickson, Ju Fresh). Executively produced by myself & Trakksounds Definitely a must listen for anyone who is a fan of creativity”

 photo NeKo_Tears_Of_July-front-large_zpsd4efcf4e.jpg

 photo NeKo_Tears_Of_July-back-large_zpsea6a9cea.jpg

NeKo ft. Handsomebeast – Battlecry (prod. by Trakksounds)

Posted on September 1st, 2014 by B. Hobbs

“Battlecry finds NeKo stepping out beyond the world he knows and crossing over into a different genre with Houston based rockband, Handsomebeast. The song finds NeKo pouring his heart all over the beat on touchy subjects such as police brutality against blacks, injustice & flaws in America’s “system”, and also questioning the humanity of his fellow Americans. As heard in the hook, “Never see me shed a tear but you’ll hear my battlecry” sounds like the slogan of an oppressed man not yet ready to accept defeat. Produced by Trakksounds”

 photo battlecry_zps2172c6c5.jpg

NeKo ft. Varrie V – Fireworks (prod. by Trakksounds)

Posted on August 12th, 2014 by B. Hobbs

“2nd song released off of NeKo’s upcoming summer themed EP, Tears of July. “Fireworks” finds NeKo expanding his range & catering to the female audience. With assistance from Varrie V, “Fireworks” details the story of a passionate affair that has lost it spark. Written entirely by NeKo & produced by Trakksounds, this melodic ode to summer love could find us all reminiscing on the one that got away.”

 photo fireworks_zps3211d13d.jpg

NeKo – Shooting Star

Posted on June 17th, 2014 by B. Hobbs

Here’s the first leak off Houston artist NeKo’s next project “Tears Of July”. This one is produced by Ju Fresh

 photo nekostar_zps9325ec09.jpg

“With what started as a poem, NeKo delivers a profound ode to the city of Houston. Written from first person perspectives of three very tangible characters, “Heaven, Hell & Houston’s” compelling narratives shed light into some untouched cracks of the city streets. Relle B’s angelic cry for mercy sets the tone for the religiously themed anthem, as NeKo plays narrator on the chorus, questioning the city’s justness, declaring “Sometimes I can’t tell if I’m in Heaven, Hell, or Houston”…Brace yourself. This may be a tearjerker.”

 photo artworks-000074650857-7zedjt-t500x500_zps09f58cdb.jpg

NeKo – Apollo 18: The Mission Inspired The City

Posted on January 14th, 2014 by B. Hobbs

This post is sticky’d to the top, check below for more new music all day!

Apollo 18, NeKo’s debut EP, is inspired completely by the city of Houston. It displays “H-Town”, but through a less glamorized perspective, unveiling depth in the process. Ingeniously, NeKo eludes the cliche style of Houston rap, while still keeping the culture alive. The project is produced entirely by Trakksounds & Albie Dickson with features from Rich Andruws, Relle B, Isaac Reid, & Shun Ward.

 photo NeKo_Apollo_18_The_Mission_Inspired_By_The_City-front-large_zps638e44ef.jpg

 photo NeKo_Apollo_18_The_Mission_Inspired_By_The_City-back-large_zps1058564f.jpg

NeKo – Apollo 18 Lyric Breakdown (Video)

Posted on January 11th, 2014 by B. Hobbs

The homie NeKo sits down and breaks down some of the lyrics from his upcoming project “Apollo 18” which is completely produced by Trakksounds & Albie Dickson so you know its gonna ride. And it will be droppin right here on ThaFixx January 14th!

With vocal assistance from Rich Andruws, NeKo caters to the female audience with “Beyonce”. Hiding behind catchy melodies and comical pick up lines, NeKo delivers a message that advocates female ambition, intelligence, & class. And he still manages to represent for H-town, while using none other than Houston’s own Beyonce (or at least her characteristics) as the ideal that his future love interests should pursue.
“Beyonce” is produced by TrakkSounds & Albie Dickson

 photo BeyonceCover_zps33452c39.jpg

NeKo ft. Rich Andruws – Swangin

Posted on November 20th, 2013 by B. Hobbs

“Written & recorded over Drake’s “Connect” instrumental, NeKo gives the people something to satisfy the cravings until he can release his official next single. “Swangin” puts a interesting spin on the original song with NeKo transforming it into an almost “venting” rendition. The song has us swerving on a journey through his “changing lanes” mind frame while recording his debut Apollo 18 EP. Listen, Enjoy, & Share”

 photo swangin2_zps92e3cbfe.jpg

Neko – U of H (prod. by Trakksounds)

Posted on September 24th, 2013 by B. Hobbs

2nd leak from Neko’s upcoming mixtape “Apollo 18 EP: The Mission Inspired by the City” which will be droppin in the next few weeks right here on ThaFixx

 photo uofh_zps6f380125.jpg

Neko – Purplex’d (Video)

Posted on September 13th, 2013 by B. Hobbs

First visual from Neko’s upcoming EP “Apollo 18” completely produced by Trakksounds & Albie Dickson droppin 9.26.13 on

Neko – Purplex’d (prod. by Trakksounds & Albie Dickson)

Posted on September 5th, 2013 by B. Hobbs

Off Neko’s Debut project, Apollo 18, dropping 9.26.13 right here on
Featuring Isaac Reid, Shun Ward, Relle B, and more. The project is fully produced by TrakkSounds and Albie Dickson.

 photo purplexd2-600_zpsb1594941.jpg


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