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Chalie Boy – No Time To Lay Off (Mixtape)

Posted on January 10th, 2012 by B. Hobbs

01. Ghetto Superstar (Produced by Cuttamuzik)
02. Bust It (Featuring Beat King & Queen) (Produced by Beat King)
03. T.E.X.A.S. (Produced by Izzy The Kid)
04. Goin’ Goin’ (Produced by Izzy The Kid)
05. Bitch Quit Callin’ Me (Produced by Q. Smith)
06. Foul Shit (Produced by Cuttamuzik)
07. Play With It (Produced by Izzy The Kid)
08. My Momma Always Told Me (Featuring J-Dawg) (Produced by Cuttamuzik)
09. Wake It Up (Featuring Beat King & Slim Thug) (Produced by Beat King)
10. Got A Lotta Bitches (Produced by Cuttamuzik)
11. Nightlife Rock Shit (Produced by Mingo of Beat Monkeys)
12. Eff U Haters (Produced by Cuttamuzik)
13. It’s Whatever (Produced by Bravestar Productions)
14. She Like Girls (w/ Pooca Leroy) (Produced by Bonefied)
15. OMG (Produced by Q. Smith)


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