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DJ DA – From Moscow to H-Town Mixtape

Posted on April 3rd, 2010 by B. Hobbs

Here’s a mixtape from DJ DA outta Moscow, Russia. Its nothing but bangers from Houston slowed and chopped by a DJ from Russia, thats a trip but its cool as hell so Im supportin the homie DA.

01. Intro – Lucky Luciano
02. J-Dawg – I Gotta Stay Focused Flow
03. Lil C – Ready To Ride
04. Big Pokey – Not A Stain On Me Flow
05. A.K. – Life On Campus
06. Lucky Luciano ft. Dat Boi T – Grab The Mike & Wreck Da Flow
07. Big Pokey ft. Lucky Luciano & Lil C – Everything Go
08. Lil C ft. Big Pokey – Glass Chrome & Bumper Kit
09. ESG – Get Around ft. Trae
11. Skit + Big Pokey – Steady Mobbin Flow
12. ESG – Top Chopped Off
13. Overdose – Rated Hood
14. Dat Boi T – Flow
15. Lil Flip – Swangas
16. Lil Ray – Lemonade Flow
17. Yung Kleva ft. Lil Kris – Houston
18. A.K. – Temple Notes
19. Outro


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