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Magno – Greens Point Of No Return (Mixtape)

Posted on January 31st, 2012 by B. Hobbs

Brand new mixtape from the homie Magno. So for everyone who keeps asking me where Magno is at, he’s been in the studio. Here’s his new music.

01. Aint No Tellin
02. Chill With You
03. 100 Missed Calls
04. Slabbed Out
05. Drop It
06. Ambition
07. Bussin At Em
08. Check Out My Melody
09. All I Know
10. Hittin Switches
11. Dont Mind Me
12. Speakers Be
13. Rockin Up A Flow
14. Texans
15. Lover Scorn
16. Fool Bout My Money
17. Ignant Azz Swag


4 Responses to "Magno – Greens Point Of No Return (Mixtape)"

  1. i would like to download this album but it is now set to private. it was not like that ysterday. how can i download it? thanks

  2. Its not private bro just click the link then hit “download file”

  3. […] resurging interest in Houston’s syrup-drenched output, Magno returns with a new tape entitled Greens Point of No Return. One of its best tracks is “Chill With You,” its minimal, bass-driven production a […]

  4. Big up to my broham @WesSanders on the boards for this project…….be on the look out for the slow-n-chopped version of this album by the Dynamic Duo!

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