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Optimo Radio Presents: La Flama Blanca (Mixtape)

Posted on October 26th, 2013 by B. Hobbs

“Last year, we brought you The Underground, a 2 Disc compilation of all the best underground artists we work with, and now we are back with a whole new spin for the second chapter. The idea for La Flama Blanca, came to fruition on our show, El Ram Y Los Beaners. (An All Latin Rap Show) They started calling Ram, La Flama Blanca, adorned from their favorite TV show character, Kenny Powers of Eastbound and Down. Being a white dude, the White Flame name stuck, and Ram and the crew decided to release the next album under that title, being that Optimo Radio spins nothin’ but that heat!

Laced with Kenny Power quotes, this 19 track album, features legends like K-Rino, The MoCity Don, Dead End Alliance, Lil O and also features the hottest up and coming artists in the city such as Roosh Williams, Doughbeezy, Kyle Hubbard, and Big Gerb just to name a few. ”

 photo la_flama_blancaCOVER1_zps22ad9b28.jpg

 photo la_flama_blancaINSERT1000_zpsbe988c91.jpg


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