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4 Responses to "Pill ft. Rick Ross – Pac Man (Video)"

  1. “Who are you? Rick Ross, Big Meech or Larry Hoover? the rap game is like halloween every day?”

    It seem like all these niggas in the rap game trying to tell the boss story when 90% of these niggas was never the boss. I was never no coke boss of my neighborhood. I was a shooter, a corner boy, i’ve sold a lot of crack, a lot of pills. So that’s the perspective I gotta tell you from.

    This the same dude that told you he knew Noriega when he first came out, so…

  2. The rapper who calls himself Rick Ross is currently under investigation for identity fraud, it’s believed it all started when he was working as a C.O in a Miami prison from 1995 – 1997.
    In 1996 Freeway Rick Ross a convicted drug trafficker was sentenced to life imprisonment.
    Fast Forward to 2011 and we now have 2 Rick Ross’s, Both…Used to sell Cocaine, Both have a shaved head, Both have the same beard. Etc Etc.
    If you see this man, Please call your local Police Station.

  3. William lies to his fans and treats them like their stupid. All he cares about is money. Do not support him.

  4. Funk the haters MMG all day!!!! Dope vid

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