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Rest In Peace to the homie Octavis Berry aka Esbe The 6th St. Bully of Dred Skott and the League Of Extraordinary G’z. The homie passed away due to some health complications, I don’t know the exacts right now and that’s not even what is important really. Esbe was a really good dude and an extremely talented artist. All thoughts and prayers from ThaFixx go out to his family and the entire League Of Extraordinary G’z family and friends. Below are some songs and videos that showcase the talent of Esbe, this is the way everyone should remember the homie.

Dred Skott ft. Devin The Dude – Lets Go

Dred Skott – T.R.O.Y.

Dred Skott – Wake Yo Bitch Ass Up

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  2. austin legend

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