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New single from SL Jones off his upcoming mixtape “The Number 23” with Don Cannon which is due out 5.23.11. Here’s a few words about the track from SL Jones

“Every hood in Little Rock has its own slang, and when you’re active on the set everything you wear – the team logo on your fitted cap, the color of your flag, all the way down to the laces in your sneakers – it stands for something. In my hood, for example, the brand K-SWISS was an acronym for ‘Kill Some When I See Some.’ I’ve been affiliated all my life, so when I speak on anything gang related I’m just being honest. I never censor my music but I always choose my words carefully, because it’s important to me that I get my point across no matter the topic. I try to walk that fine line between documenting something and glorifying it, but when you’re an active participant in a lifestyle that has the ability to bring harm – the words are more than just lyrics in a song; they’re a reality for me and so many others. Writing a song of this nature requires hands on experience. I couldn’t just make this shit up. No imagination needed; just a few childhood memories.”


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