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SL Jones ft. Trae Tha Truth – Swervin

Posted on May 3rd, 2011 by B. Hobbs

SL Jones recruits Trae for this new track off his upcoming mixtape “The Number 23” here’s what SL had to say about why he chose Trae to work with

“I have a lot of respect for Houston culture. Screw music—it’s more than an art form, it’s a lifestyle. From the slang they use, to the cars they drive, to the slowed down sound, Houston has a lot of pride, and all that has influenced not just hip-hop but popular music as a whole. Really, I just wanted to make a record to show my appreciation for what Texas, and Houston specifically, has contributed to the game. I got the beat from the homies Smiff & Cash of Heatwave Productions, and I had this idea for a sampled hook—half melody and half screwed up. So I had Smiff chop a sample of the homie Scar singing for the first part of the hook and had him chop the Screwed Up Click sample, which was already screwed, for the second half. I already knew Trae was gonna kill it, but on top of that he’s an original SUC member, so it was really the perfect fit. It was just cool to make a song dedicated to the Cutlass. I learned how to drive in a baby blue old school Oldsmobile Cutlass. Cars like that never lose their value in the hood. They just get better with time.”


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