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TF Global LLC Official & Unofficial SXSW Week Showcases

Posted on March 12th, 2012 by B. Hobbs

The biggest music week of the year begins today and is lucky enough to have our hands in a couple amazing shows this year during SXSW in our headquarters of Austin, Tx.

First on Wednesday night we are teaming up with OGPR & SF2 to present the Official SXSW Welcome To Tha South: Texas Edition showcase at Kiss & Fly. This is an official SXSW showcase so get there very very early if you don’t have a wristband or badge because it will be limited available space for non-wristband or badge holders. This show features some of the best talent the state of Texas has to offer and since its SXSW you know its bound to be some surprises too!

Then on Friday, teams up with Splitarillos, Algierz,, Stickygreen Productions, & Big Boss E to present a very dope event at Beso Cantina on 5th St. from 12pm – 6pm. You can catch some of the best talent in the South and there’s no charge and no RSVP. Everyone is welcome just make sure you get there early. Keep it locked to ThaFixx all week for more SXSW week events you are not going to want to miss!

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