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This is the 5th installment of the “Watch Ya Tone” mixtape series presented by Tosin & showcasing some of the hottest talent in San Antonio. This one spotlights a new up and coming rapper named Yung Mavrick. There’s a preview and a link to buy the mixtape after the tracklisting.


01. Watch Ya Tone 5 (Intro)
02. Tone Music (Tosin RMX)
03. Lights, Camera, Action! ft. M-One
Produced by Unknown Beatz
04. Mr. Make It Happen
Produced by Unknown Beatz
05. Can’t Get Enough ft. Severe
Produced by Unknown Beatz
06. Commercial (PT @ Texa$oundz)
07. Shout Outs
08. Loud ft. BDS
09. Aww Man!
Produced by Unknown Beatz
10. Imma Get Mine ft. M-One
Produced by Unknown Beatz
11. Nothing ft. M-One
Produced by Unknown Beatz
12. Rims Spinnin’ ft. Big Tike
Produced by Unknown Beatz
13. Beamers ft. BDS
14. @YungMavrick
15. 24 Hour Grind (Tosin RMX) ft. Marcus Calloway
16. Beamin’ (Tosin RMX)
17. Beast
Produced by Unknown Beatz
18. Stop Watch
Produced by Unknown Beatz
19. She Just All On Me (RMX) ft. Spark Dawg, Supa Star, Big Hood Boss, Tum-Tum, Fat Pimp
20. Shout Outs 2
21. Mini Me
Produced by Red Prodigy
22. Every Day, Every Night ft. M-One, Sir Davis
Produced by Romey Rome Beatz
23. Mind On My Grind
Produced by 40 Finger Productions
24. Bitches Ain’t Shit ft. Fade Dogg, Sunny Sanchez
Produced by Unknown Beatz
25. Came Up In These Streets (RMX) ft. Spark Dawg, Liveola



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